Friday, September 23, 2011

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So this is blog re-vamp attempt #2, as this summer I allowed other minor distractions in life to get in the way of blogging. I have a tendency of filling up all my time with work and activities that when I have downtime I just want to spend it doing something that has nothing to do with a computer.  Plus let's all face it, I get distracted quite easily and while I had all the greatest intent to blog during my vacation in August, there were things like sisters, skiing, cousins, nail polish, books, foosball, wakeboarding, dancing and maybe a little bit of wine that got in the way.

Enough with excuses, what's important is how much stuff has happened since my last post:
Beginning of 3rd year of Law School (Aug 22):
oh this place... how I want to run away

Began Externship with AMC (Aug 23):
good people at this place

i know this pic is overused but it still makes me laugh

Hurricane Irene and subsequent 7days w/o power (Aug 27):
not my house but I was inside when this happened

NASCAR (Sept 10):
The group at tailgate

CHAMPION Laser-Tagger (Sept 17): (no picture required, just take my word for it)

King's Dominion (Sept 18):
I'm related to some Gooberheads

BiRThDaY (Sept 19):
at my B-day celebration at Republic

and this weekend, I head out to the Smith Mountain Lake for my first Wine Festival!!

I promise to make an effort to blog a bit more, (and with a certain someone's blog to inspire me it shouldn;t be too hard) although with only 3 followers I can't imagine too much disappointment if i don't =)

Stay Enthused,