Friday, July 17, 2015

Foto Friday: All Is Beautiful

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to catch up with a dear friend out in Delaplane, Virginia. Since she had some errands to run in the morning and it was a bit of a drive, I left early to go for a hike so I didn't spend more time in the car than out of it. She recommended Sky Meadows Park and it was absolutely perfect. With many different small trails, overnight campgrounds, a covered picnic & grill spot, and a lovely historic area, it really has something for everyone.

My hike was made even more magical as I listened to the pre-release of the first of three Gungor albums to come out this year, One Wild Life: Soul (which I'll hopefully have a review of out soon). The nature imagery and orchestral arrangements of some of the songs and the songs of great praise to the Creator, made me stop in my tracks with an enraptured smile holding my hands out to embrace the wonderful world around me quite a few times.

Here are the photos I captured that day