Friday, August 30, 2013

Foto Friday: My New Work Friend + BLOGTEMBER Intentions!

So I took these awhile ago, and I know I've definitely been slacking on the blog front, but life has gotten in the way again, as it is apt to do.

Anyway, here is a modeling session with my newest "colleague" who has a tendency to fly away when things get tough... In fact I haven't seen him since ;)

All pictures taken with an iPhone 4S & unless otherwise indicated, edited in Camera+

Anyways I'm excited for September, the best month of the year because it means my BIRTHDAY!!! This year is extra super special because my big sister is getting MARRIED!!! And in addition to all the other Septembulous things happening this month, I plan on participating in Blogtember! It'll be nice to get the blog-think-juices flowing again. I look forward to a blogtastic, fabulously exciting September with you all!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Musical Monday: Rocking Mellow-dies for Summer

HELLO AGAIN BLOGWORLD! I took a month off of blogging with a busybusy July, leading up to vacation, but now I'm back and ready to blog about the songs of my summer.  Expect a lot of songs in this post except, since I'm a bit rusty there will be less info about

Summer is a time for laid-back, beachy, rock. Kick back in the sand with a cool drink and vibe along to this week's (for the most part) mellow Musical Monday selections:

(If you want to listen to the playlist straight through, find it HERE)

Cayucas: Cayucos
With a beachy-tone and a rocking drum-beat, this song is perfect for a summertime barbecue.

The 1975: Chocolate
Another band I first discovered on You Me & Charlie, this British band is picking up some well-deserved radio time for their latest single.

HAIM: The Wire
The latest release from the LA-based sister trio is somehow even better than their previous stuff, which I've already praised plenty of times on past Musical Mondays, so you know this is saying something!

The Neighbourhood: Sweater Weather
Sweaters in the summer? I guess I'd wear one if it meant listening to this song a bit more =) Or maybe this California-based band get's chilly in the evenings.

The Postal Service: A Tattered Line of String
One of my favorite musical acts from High School, their recently released 10th Anniversary Deluxe album features remastered versions of old favorites along with some new tunes.

Caveman: In the City
A chill song for nights spent lounging under the summer sky. Coincidentally, I found a video of the the song with the a time-lapse sky.

Josh Pyke: Leeward Slide
An Australian singer-songwriter, Josh Pyke's latest CD impresses as always. I couldn't find the album version on Youtube but here's an acoustic performance.

Bastille: Pompeii
I'm pretty sure I discovered this awesome jam by the on Bastille Day, and even if I didn't that's my story and I'm sticking to it! While not so much mellow as jump-tastic, I just had to add this to my summer-jam list.

What songs have you mellowed out this summer? Tell me in the comments below or on twitter @itzbizr