Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thirsty Thursday: Happy Things!

Thirsty Thursday is back again! This is a link-up through Jenn at Going the Distance and Trish from Tales from Trish, come link up and see what's going on in our virtual happy hour!

What's In My Cup?

Vodka Martini Dirty

Recipe and picture via

Basically it's a traditional vodka martini but you pour a little of the olive juice in at the end (YUM!).  I first tried this in my "Search for My Martini" back in 2010, where I decided I would taste-test different versions of the drink to find my preferred version.  This lasted very briefly as I discovered Martinis can be expensive, beer not so much.
I rediscovered this drink at the wedding last weekend as I was burned out on orange juice (too many mimosas) and didn't want too much sugar or something that would drastically show if I spilled on my dress (I'm nothing if not pragmatic about my tendency to be clumsy).  Let me tell you, it hit the spot and has solidified itself in my shortlist.

What's On My Mind?

Since I missed you lovely people last week, this might be an extra long post to make up for it =)

Susie's Wedding!!

It was absolutely Magical!
Some ladies in the bridal party (pre-party on thursday)

The bride and groom (pre-party on thursday)

My and my lovely sisters at the reception


on the bus back from the reception, party glasses ON!

some mischievous people decorated the groom's truck

I WISH I had more pictures (especially with more of the bridesmaids, the groom's sisters are FABULOUS new friends) but since I was in the wedding I couldn't lug my camera around with me the whole time =)

Web Series

Regular TV seasons have wrapped up (except for Game of Thrones... we get ONE more episode to the season although it seems too soon to end) and I definitely don't have time to get involved in a new summer show with all my studying this summer.  So I've discovered a wonderful alternative to fulfilling my need for scripted stories: Web Series! Episodes are typically less than 10 minutes and provide a great diversion from work, without taking up an hour of time.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
This is a re-imagining of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice with a modern twist.  It has been modernized in that instead of a novel it is a pretend video blog (or vlog) by Elizabeth Bennet (or "Lizzie"), all the actors are super engaging, and each episode leaves you wanting more. I'm hooked! Check out Episode One below:

New Episodes Mondays and Thursdays!

The Flog (not necessarily scripted but fantastic nonetheless)
Felicia Day is my total nerdy girl crush, like if I could be any celebrity it would be her. She's so adorable and has been in a few mainstream productions Bring it On Again & episodes of Buffy or Supernatural but has worked really hard and pioneered lot of on-line web series.  She starred in one of the first scripted YouTube sensations: Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, created 2 web series of her own The Guild and Dragon Age: Redemption, and now a channel on YouTube called Geek & Sundry.
The highlight of this is her weekly vlog called The Flog where each week she shares her Fave Five on-line things of the week (how I discovered The Lizzie Bennet Diaries), learns a new skill set (such as cooking or ice sculpting), and answers a fan question.
Even if you're not a nerd like me, you can totally appreciate how candid demeanor and how well produced each one is.
Here's an episode where she learns to crochet (she makes an Iguanaswanguin, an animal she decided she had inadvertently created in a previous episode when trying to ice-sculpt a swan, like I said, ADORABLE):

New Episodes every Monday

Job Hunters
This series takes place in a dystopian future where to fight overpopulation, all 22 year olds must enter a fight-to-the-death competition to prove their worth to employers.  Sounds kinda Hunger Gamesy but it's very different both in tone (pretty comical & satirical) and plot (it follows 6 job-hunting hopefuls).  I find this particularly entertaining since I'm currently in a jobhunt myself
What's really  neat about this is it started on Kickstarter, and it seems like it has taken the next evolution of scripted entertainment in that it is completely grassroots funded created by and watched by a particular niche of people, and potentially A LOT more, with worldwide FREE viewing.  Can you imagine this on a larger scale? It's neat to see people taking such a hand in creating entertainment that reaches a larger audience.
Here's episode 1:
New Episodes every other Wednesday!

Great New CDs

A review will be forthcoming in the next Musical Monday post but suffice it to say that Ramona Falls' Prophet was the BEST unexpected musical find, Kimbra's Vows were worth the wait, The Lumineers  are happy folksy foot-stomping perfection, and the only regret I have about Of Monster's And Men's My Head Is An Animal is that I did not pick it up sooner.
Tune in Monday for a bit more in-depth reviews of the albums including my favorite singles if you just want some song suggestions

What songs have gotten you through Spring? I'd love to know!



Monday, May 28, 2012

Musical Monday 5: Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!

In honor of the fallen who have served our country here are some patriotic tunes

The Goads - The Veterans of the USA

Military Taps

Take some time today, even if it's just during these videos to thank those who have died serving this nation. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Painting Ms. Pinky

Ain't she purdy?

So for a birthday present this year my sister asked me to paint something for her.  Knowing I had a 2 week break between the end of law school and  the beginning of Bar prep I agreed.

She decided she wanted this picture painted: 

but when there was a misunderstanding of what exactly was to be kept and what to be discarded we decided to amalgamate the flower with this:

So with help from modern projection technology I was able to finish the painting in 2 days worth of work.  Technically it's not completely complete but it's Good-Enough-For-the-Interweb at this point and I wanted to do a blog post before my life is COMPLETELY taken over by Bar Prep.

My "outdoor-deck studio" at la casa de mis padres

The initial sketch, made possible by use of a projector, no WAY i could've free-handed this 

Filling in the background first

I painted the edges purple to give it a "finished" look even if it remains unframed

So this was how her Pinkness first saw the picture... not quite a flattering portrayal so far, still very cartoony

Oh the eyes finally give it life but the incomplete mouth area makes it still the tiniest bit creepy

End of Day 1, most of the face done.

Final Day One Picture

I begin with the hair, it was tricky because the browns looked MUCH lighter before drying so I had some issues guesstimating the color

Slowly nearing completion

Flowers are HARD!

Just some minor touches left

And again, the (current) final product

I'm really glad I got to paint something again, it's been such a long time and it was a great release of some creative energy.  I also have plenty of paints left for some new projects! Any suggestions?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Musical Monday 4: Study Sess Survival

Second week in a row: Musical Monday published on a  Monday... wooo! go me! epic happiness ensues (forget the fact there's only a little over 90 minutes left in today, STILL COUNTS!)

In honor of the beginning of bar prep tomorrow (OMGEEE, so terrifying) I have compiled some of my favorite music to study to for your and my reference.  I know I will likely need to return to this post multiple times this summer to remind myself where I can find good music

Study Sess Survival 

Olafur Arnalds - Ljosio

Bon Iver - Holocene

Sooo hypnotizing, right? This got me through 3L finals.  If you go to the Bon Iver YouTube Page you can watch a playlist of some of the music videos as well as all of the videos which were included in the DELUXE release of the self-titled Sophomore album which won Best Alternative Music Album and the Man Behind Bon Iver Justin Vernon the Grammy for Best New Artist.

Sigur Ros+BBC/Nat. Geo's Planet Earth 

Some brilliant person out there decided to combine the visuals of Nat Geo/BBC's Planet Earth with the symphonically epic music of Sigur Ros, the result is: Spec.tac.u.lar. the challenge is not to get drawn into the the breathtaking beauty of the video.  I have to listen to this with the window minimized if I'm actually trying to get work done.  On a break however, these are a saving reminder of how life is bigger than me, it's bigger than whatever work I'm doing, and all I can hope to do is contribute something small and good to it.

Explosions in the Sky - Your Hand in Mine
Just great music, post-modern deconstructed rock.  The melodic guitars evoke the feelings of holding hands with someone you care about.  I'm surprised I haven't used more of this blog to wax on about my love fore Explosions in the Sky so here's another video to make up for their absence thus far:

Explosions in the Sky - The Only Moment We Were Alone

There is a music video for this which plays in my head every time i hear this song. It's a colorless, frozen moment in time which flashes to the past and future during the crashing drums at the epic height of the song's climax before slowly freezing again.  This is my true escape-from-reality-song, and I have a feeling I'll need it in the weeks to come....

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rickshaws, Kickballs, Wedding Bells

Thirsty Thursday's back again! This is through Jenn at Going the Distance and Trish from Tales from Trish.

What's In My Cup?

So since this is my last week hanging up in DC and since bicycle rickshaws seem to be all over the city my drink of choice in honor of the District is The Rickshaw.

 The Rickshaw

recipe and picture via


 2 ounces gin
1 ounce basil simple syrup
1 ounce fresh lime juice (about 1 lime)
Cucumber slices (garnish)
Basil leaves (garnish)
     Basil Simple Syrup prepared ahead of time:
              1 cup water
              1 cup sugar
              1/2 cup fresh basil

The Basil simple syrup is what makes this drink, it is PERFECT for a sunny day as the weather starts to heat up a bit.  You can drink these well into summer and refresh yourself with each sip.

What's On My Mind?

Once again, it's kickball time! I had a blast returning to kickball last week! I scored 2 runs and really had fun seeing some friends again.  Then on Saturday we got together for an inter-squad scrimmage followed by a team cookout.  While I admit we may take this simple game a little too seriously, the best part about this team is that everyone makes sure to have fun and actually connect with the other people on the team and last weekend was a blast!

Speaking of last weekend...

I forgot to do a Mother's Day shout out last week (I'm a bad kid) but I really have the most wonderful mom and we had a family-filled Mother's Day and I'm so spoiled at my parents house I don't want to go back to Richmond (although that might have something to do with the fact that returning to Richmond = Bar Prep.

For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll?
Lastly, I will ikely not be able to join up next Thursday as I will be headed up to PA for one of my BEST friend's wedding! This will be my first time as a bridesmaid and I can't wait to share in and support this awesome lady as she gets married! Anyone have any good tips that all bridesmaids should know? Since I'm a noob I welcome any and all assistance!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Musical Monday 3...

And its ACTUALLY A MONDAY!!! +10 to punctuality!  (In case this is your first visit, Musical Monday 1 and Musical Monday 2 never actually made it out on a Monday)

So we'll keep it short and sweet today, cause if it gets too detailed I run out of time/get distracted and before you know it Monday is gone! The theme today is Sunny-Indie Retro Pop/Rock, to counteract the rainy Mondays (I got sunshiiiine on a cloudy day)!

Sunny-Indie Retro Pop/Rock

White Arrows - Get Gone
I heard this first on the KEXP Music that Matters Podcast "Can't Say No to Friday." You put this on your car radio, roll the windows down and instantly you're the coolest person on the street (I did this in DC saturday morning and it was magic!). Also, Justin Timberlake himself promoted it via twitter about a month ago so if you're more of a top40er, uneasy about "indie-sunny-hazy-guitar-infused-pop" (as Cheryl Waters describes it), than no worries, the prince of radio-friendly pop himself endorses this.

Dum Dum Girls - Bedroom Eyes
Totally one to bounce along to, and who wouldn't want to wear one of these outfits pick up an instrument and live out some childhood "Josie and the Pussycats" inspired girl-rock dreams.

The next song is a little less "retro" a little more "1800s" feel, at least in terms of the fashion

King Charles - Mississippi Isabel

King Charles just released his debut album LoveBlood earlier this month and I look forward to listening to it, as I REALLY enjoyed his song LoveLust (and we all know how I feel about dreadlocks).  This song is an Ode to some chica named Mississippi Isabel -- who he also mentions in LoveLust-- which I'm guessing is the British Trustafarian version of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl.  The video really makes me want some sun, an old-school bicycle, and a countryside tea-party in ankledeep water, how about you?

I LOVE sharing music with you, any suggestions on the theme for the next Musical Monday?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thirsty Thursday Numero Dos: Vacation, Sherlock, and Kickball

Thirsty Thursday's back again! This is through Jenn at Going the Distance and Trish from Tales from Trish.

What's In My Cup?

My virtual drink of choice: Cupcake Moscato, given to me by the Lovely P!nky for my graduation from law school, enough for everyone to toast and join the celebration!

What's On My Mind?

Vacation, all a ever wanted, vacation had to get awaaay! 

Even though it's no place tropical or exotic, staying at my parent's house for the last week since post law graduation has been so nice! My grandparents were in town the first couple days this week.  I help Momma make dinner at night, I get lots of sleep, I FINALLY finish the book I started reading last summer, I go for nice jogs, oh yeah, and I do goofy things like this:

I'm also updating my vlog but am having trouble converting the files from RealPlayer to windows media for editing (supposedly RealPlayer does this but EVERY TIME I hit "Go" all I get is an advertisement to upgrade for $50, NOBUENO!), if anyone knows how to do this please let me know!


So we all know I'm an admitted anglophile, but don't think I'm only endorsing this based on my general love of  British things.  Not sure if any of you have seen the BBC production of Sherlock which is currently airing on PBS but it is FANTASTIC!  I watched last year's episodes last fall and was hooked.  Now they're not in a traditional format: three 90 minute episodes is all you get each season, but each mini-movie is so SPECTACULAR.  
While I enjoy Robert Downey Jr.'s action hero period Holmes, this one feels truer to the original books, partly because the mysteries are based on actual Sherlock Holmes plots.  What is REALLY innovative is that the whole thing takes place in modern times so they use text messages, skype, and instead of recording everything in a book, John Watson writes it all ON A BLOG  (and here I am blogging about it... woah this is getting meta)!  
Cumberbatch does a GREAT Holmes and Martin Freeman plays Watson just how you would like since Watson is the main way we experience and befriend Holmes in the books, he's kinda a projection of the audience, and I'd like to imagine myself as this Watson. The last episode to air, A Scandal in Belgravia, was seriously the BEST storytelling I have experienced in the last two years!

The next episode airs tonight at 8 and is based on the Hound of the Baskervilles, so be sure to catch it (or DVR it) tonight!

Kickball Kraziness

So tonight I brush the dust off my kickball cleats and take the field for the first time in 2012.  I'm not really nervous but I don't want to look too uncoordinated in front of people who have played a bunch of games already this year.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Musical Monday (On Tuesday) Take 2!

So yet again my "Musical Monday" post is a day late, whoops.  Although I had grandparents in town all yesterday so didn't really want to abandon them to blog.

Anyway here's some music I've been listening to and want to share with you this week, the theme: JUMP AROUND AND CELEBRATE (CAUSE NO MORE LAW SCHOOL)

Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend
I may be late to the Robyn train but I LOVE the idea of her dancing alone in a giant warehouse until it becomes her own private club, and I love how you can just tell she lets the music move her, I definitely might've done the same thing after turning in my last exam!

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Can't Hold Us
NOT the way I expected these guys to look after hearing the song for the first time but I love this live performance cause you can see their enthusiasm and passion.  The violin and brass section are great. I just jump around the room to this one "Mack-le-mo-o-o-o-o-ore"

Kimbra - Cameo Lover
This video for this song just emphasizes its awesomeness! I always have a dance party (sometimes just an imagined one in my head) when listening to this!

Now, just in case you're not in a celebretory mood like me, here's a particular genre I refer to as Angry Yell Dance Music, like when you're upset and you just have to keep moving or yelling but you don't want to actually damage any relationship/hurt yourself, just some time to wallow and take your emotions out by pretending you're dance/yelling the song at a person or sometimes just the universe... this is a good one

Pnau - The Truth
(Video is REAL weird and trippy, if you want to seem normal, or are at work skip this one and just listen to the one here:

That's all I have for now.  What do you think about these songs, they get you pumped? What do you like to listen to for celebration music? I'd love to know so please share!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Belated Musical Monday: Tokyo Summer

Erm, so this was supposed to be up yesterday... maybe not the best start to my "weekly" update... but in my defense I had a championship soccer game at 10:15 which went into overtime and we WON, so I wouldn't have had this up before midnight anyways

So this is my attempt to try a weekly themed blogpost: MUSICAL MONDAY! The theme Tokyo Summer.  Tokyo because it's about as far as I can get from where I am right now and summer because it's only a week away!


Tokyo by Imagine Dragons
How awesome would it be to go back in time and be one of the dancers in this video!

Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) by The Wombats
a fun video to an upbeat fun song!

Plans by Birds of Tokyo
"We made plans to kiss the stars at night, hopeless dreamers..."


Afraid of Summer by Lost Lander
For some reason it won't let me embed the video but here's a link to watch it, I love the way the music progresses and changes through the song:
Also, the title represents my thoughts exactly on the 2/12 months of studying for the bar

Heartbeat by David's Lyre
I know i just posted about this song but it's sooo entrenched in my consciousness I have to share again.  The lyrics are so AWESOME "Summer comes, kisses the fields, but this heart won't beat forever"

Thanks for reading/listening! 
What songs come to mind for you when I say Tokyo Summer?  I'd love to know!