Thursday, October 20, 2011

Absurd Things I Never Knew I Needed Until SkyMall Showed Me So

Last weekend I flew to Vegas for the most intense kickball you've ever seen. Except before you start getting ides into your head, nothing is on fire or ridiculously sharp, it's just highly competitive. Who are these adults who take a quote kids' game unquote so seriously you might ask. Well they're the fine ol' adults of the Circuit Cup. You can find out some more about this weekend by checking out

I got into it because my sister was (umm, really just the story of my life, most oftern I will either like something simply because a sister likes it or simply because a sister hates it), and they needed players for a tournament this summer.

You can check out this video from the D.C. Tournament this summer where our team, iB, came in second behind Meatballs (the team who also won the Circuit Cup) here: (I kick at 4:22).

So anyways, let's get to what this post is really about, the wonderfully ridiculous things you can find, and then justify reasons for buying, in Sky Mall Magazine.

For instance,
If I ever had a cat, for sure I would absolutely have to be able to potty train it "faster than most people can potty train their kids":

Or if you cannot bear to shovel 1-2 inches of snow this is a must-have this winter season

This next one is only semi-joking, I actually do really need this and it "makes a Great Gift"


Again, this one only semi-joking

HARRY POTTER WORLD! Fave: "Have You Seen This Wizard?"

Magnetic Dress-Up Squirrels? Yes please!

Who doesn't want Happy Feet?

PLEASE get me this for Christmas... seriously, need, want, must have!

Can I please be this cool?

Think of how awesome it would be to wave a wand and change the TV channel...

The Perfect Housewarming Gift

I'd get this just to make K feel short =)

Actually, the concept of this is awesome, I'd love some hair bling... just the picture is a bit ridic

I didn't even realize these guys were still alive, or relevant.  But I loved their show eight years ago...