Friday, January 2, 2015

Foto Friday: Hiking into 2015

So to ring in the new year my roommate & I decided to go for a hike/stroll on nearby Teddy Roosevelt Island. Neither of us are too into football & wanted to do something active (but not too active, ha) to start the year off right. Me being me, I couldn't help but take, and later edit, a few pictures with my iPhone along the way.

It was a nice, easy walk and long enough to feel productive but the island is small enough we didn't need to bring any water or worry about having to find our way back off of it. It's definitely pretty in the starkness of winter but we already decided to come back in the lush spring and summertime to see how different it looks.

Oh hey Teddy! Thanks for sharing your island with me!

What did you do in the first day of 2015? Leave a comment below or tell me on twitter @itzbizr