Friday, February 3, 2012

Music Video Acapella Tribute!

This is an attempt to cover the song "Save Me" by Gotye off of his new album "Making Mirrors."

This song resonated with me in such a way I just had to create some sort of tribute.

It was definitely a challenge to combine all the audio and video and keep it within the correct rhythm.  This took a solid amount of time but this was one of my personal goals to do for 2012 so 2 months in I get to check something off this list (this totally ranks up there on a list including: graduate law school, pass the bar, become gainfully employed)

There are totally things I would do different if I had to do it again.  For example I's make sure to have a better quality microphone, better lighting and start with a drumbeat (turns out that even listening to the original song in one ear there were still times I got off beat which meant I couldn't insert the beat in later.  However, this is how it came out and I'm really quite proud of it!

I cannot wait to see him in concert March 22 at the 9:30 club w/ Kimbra and see him perform this live! Here's a version of the real song (I couldn't whistle to keep up with the fun high-pitched melody so that's one of the things my video is missing as well):

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