Monday, August 27, 2012

Musical Monday: "North" Stars

So I'm switching it up a bit this week because I'm so excited about the "first listen" of the new Stars album North on NPR.

First things first. Here's the link:
Stars new album, The North, comes out Sept. 4.

Now that you've returned from that 43:58 minute (or more if you re-played anything) sojourn into musical bliss, and since the NPR reviewer uses better words to describe the band than I can come up with on my own, I'll share my story on how I stumbled upon this fantastic Canadian indie band.

Set Yourself on Fire (2006)
File:Set Yourself On Fire.jpg
I first fell in love with Stars back in 2006 when an ex worked at the on-campus radio station.  I would visit, sometimes bring dinner, rarely speak into the mic, and have access to a wonderfully eclectic CD library.  The  school had not yet created an electronic database of the CDs, it was a somewhat random genre/alphabetization system and by sheer chance I would arbitrarily select an album, and sample the sounds within.  When I pulled Set Yourself on Fire from the shelf, the hand on the cover beckoned a listen and I've been a fan ever since!

So what do you think? Will you be a new Stars fan? If your already a fan, what's your favorite new track?

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