Friday, June 20, 2014

Foto Friday: Smithsonion Roses

So there's a rose garden outside the Smithsonian castle. I discovered it when rushing past it every kickball game this spring, jogging by to make it to the game on time, wishing I could snap a few pictures. I normally get out of work too late to do so, and would shoot a longing glance at the garden between checking my watch and trying to find my team on the national mall.

Luckily, a tornado watch and power flicker got me out of work early last week (I know, counter-intuitive to leave a building to go run in an open field during a potential tornado time but we all survived, so lesson not learned I guess), and I was finally able to get some pictures.

All pictures taken with my iPhone 4S & edited with Camera+

These were my absolute favorite, they reminds me of flowers in a Van Gogh come to life:

Now add some Picasso "Blue Period"

I'm always astonished by the simple beauty of flowers. Some people have sunsets, some people have vistas, some people have the ocean, and while those can equally take my breath away, the everyday flower, when examined more closely is such a reminder of The Creator's intention and design in such detail, it's easier to start seeing the other beautiful things surrounding me in the world (plus having professionally cultivate gardens I can visit which are so gorgeous  just makes it seem a waste not to photograph them)

Thanks for letting me share my mini-obsession with you!

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P!nky said...

Very beautiful pictures and flowers. You know how much I love them :)