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Foto Friday: Independence Day in Skagway!

B-OB crew posing with our fabulously awesome sled dogs!
Day Eight: Skookum in Skagway

So Skagway was one of my favorite days on our vacation.  Even though it was rainy all day, we were split up again for a good part of it and our specialty dining experience took foorreeeever, it was the 4th of July, I got to go on a helicopter ride, had my first experience OUTDOOR rock-climbing, got to "drive" a pack of sled dogs, hold two puppies, won the ship's Independence Day trivia (with Rah's help), ate a fabulous dinner. The only thing missing was fireworks (but trust me, I'm not complaining).

Since our excursion in Juneau was cancelled, we had to split into two groups for the helicopter, glacier, and sled dog excursion.

Here are the photos from my parents and Tony's trip:

It was actually a little rainy and this was the coldest place on the whole trip (even colder than the Tracy Arm), so luckily the kids went first and were able to advise everyone to wear a layer of rain gear and to make sure Tony was in at least 5 layers =).

Here are the photos from the B-OB Crew:
The newlyweds!

some nervous flyers

Our helicopter pilot Rustin (he was cute!)

We were joined in the helicopter by two friends who were touring together and were just teh sweetest ladies.  Because of the importance of weight distribution (we actually had to tell the tour company what we weighed although after a few days of the all-you-can-eat and ice-cream-all-day diet, I'm sure my guess was low), we were ordered to sit in specific spots and wouldn't you know, I got the best spot of the bunch, front seat outside!

Where I sat was PERFECT for taking pictures and videos, since I was surrounded by windows. THe views from the copter were INCREDIBLE:

Arriving at the Denver Glacier and sled dog training camp:


We got a tutorial in how to "drive" the sled. Essentially the instructions were:
(1) Don't fall off
(2) When the musher says "brake" step on the break.
Easy peazy! You better believe I was the first to volunteer to drive!
ready, sled-y let's go!
so much driving talent!
Rah driving!
And now, a bunch of pictures with the awesomely athletic delightful doggies!

There were two puppies at the camp, and let's see if you can guess the movie that inspired their names, the girl is Droid and the boy is Jedi!
Here's us with our lady-friend Droid:

B-OB +D crew!
this is what I posted for my 4th of July Facebook Post, #Murica

view of Skagway from the ride back
Rock Climbing Adventures:
Before we had to reschedule our helicopter ride, Rah & I had signed up for an outdoor rock climbing.  While she initially didn't want to do it in the rain, I convinced her that on this once in a lifetime trip, you gotta seize once in a lifetime opportunities. So even though it was a little cold and a lot rainy, we decided to go, and we had so much fun! We got to do two climbs and rappel from the 80-foot rock wall.
Our guides were part of the Alaska Mountain Guide program, and were all amazing!
before climbing
The first climb we did was called Skookum, which is a Tlintlit (Native Alaskan) word for strong. I'd say it's an appropriate climb for us =)
view from the top of Skookum
Rah climbing skookum
From the top of [unnamed route 14]
about to rappel
Conquered those climbs!

Fourth of July Celebrations:
The ship had scheduled a barbeque but the rain meant everything had to be moved indoors. Fortunately, they had plenty of decorations! Rah & I competed in the Independence Day trivia competition and threw everyone off by shouting out nonsesical answers (i.e. "In which city was the Declaration of Independence signed?" "ALASKA!" "Los Angeles!"), but we ended up tying for the win, thanks in a large part to our skill in guessing multiple choice answers.

before the great trivia challenge!
In our festive "America" gear, GO CAPS!

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