Monday, October 12, 2015

Musical Monday: Fall For These

St. Kilda: September
So I was supposed to blog about this last month I'm sure, but it took me awhile tog et back to blogging. The beautiful almost ethereal atmospheric guitar and other instruments hint at optimism while the lyrics are steeped in pessimism, love me a good contradiction (warning, if you play it at work, they drop one curse word a few times)

El Vy: Return to the Moon
So stoked that Matt of The National and Brent of Ramona Falls combined the best parts of what they do to form El Vy.
How stoked? Well, I used 40% of my family's data plan last month streaming the video throughout my commute to work (...oops)
Taylor Swift even recently included it in her list of "Songs to make your life more awesome" instagram post (further proof that we are essentially twins, but I's like to go n record to say I like it first!

Also, I had been waiting for this since March (I know, super hipster of me to say I liked a song before it even came out but here's proof that I knew it's be awesome):

  1. Spore & Archimedes Plutonium still get me every time. Prophet remains one of my favorite albums of the last 5 years
  2. aw, this arrives at precisely the moment I need some encouragement to keep going. Thank you so much for listening and caring.
  3. yay, so glad to encourage! Your music is amazing, thank you for sharing your talent & I look forward to any new tunes!

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