Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This is actually my second blog and fourth attempt at blogging in general. I had two blogs in High School, each of which I deleted, after the passing of time made me ever so embarrassed of what my irrationally emotional teenage self thought was appropriate for others consumption on the internet.

I re-vamped one of them (it can by found at www.julesville.blogspot.com), which focuses on my travels when I studied abroad in Santiago, Chile. Unfortunately the more I did down there -- where I had to pay for time in internet cafes or buy coffee at one of the four Starbucks in the city (and entire country) -- the less I actually found myself having time to record and share my adventures via Interweb.

I'm not exactly sure what prompted this last compulsive need to share inner thought with potential strangers, especially since I am a law student with a limited amount of time and poor written composition efficiency. For example, it could take me four hours to compose a singe thank-you note after birthdays and Christmas (it just has to perfectly convey my excitement over the new gift!). I guess it's just to unleash any sort of edited-stream-of-consciousness-creativity that cannot exist within the confines of class assignments. I think I also masochistically just like to sabotage myself by filling my time with unnecessary ventures. Or maybe I enjoy the idea of having more than 140 characters with people whose judgment it distant and un-affecting to my daily life.

In short: I now reintroduce myself to the blogging community, in an experiment to see how long this will last.

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