Tuesday, April 5, 2011

No Shoes Tuesday

April 5 2011 is TOMS "One Day Without Shoes."

I found out about it on April 4, and while writing a paper in the library deliberated on the potential consequences of going shoeless for a full day, especially one where the weather forcast called for 40 and rainy. After watching some of the videos I figured that any potentially negative outcome: weird stares, being told to put on shoes, stepping on rocks, any cuts on my feet were minimal and that it was something I could definitely do. I stayed pretty late in the library that night composing my final short paper for law of war.

Getting home, I set out my outfit, deciding to wear a long, hippie-ish skirt to pull of the whole look, made sure my toenails were painted, and went to bed. I either forgot to set my alarm or somehow it malfunctioned because I ended up waking up at 8:25am when the yoga class I teach starts at 8:30. I raced to the gym as responsibly as possible, praying that I had not only packed my outfit but proper undergarments as well. Luckily Yoga is practiced barefoot so there was no conflict with shoes there. After a slightly more chaotic than normal class I decided to wear my flip-flops in the shower for obvious hygienic reasons (the only other time I wore shoes was at a talk by a UVA law professor where members of the UR board of trustees were in attendance and I wore my cleats when playing soccer (mainly for common sense reasons).

What I found highly interesting though was that I went barefoot in the law school *all day* today to raise awareness for One Day Without Shoes; however, only 3 people asked about it. Conclusion: a) people just think I'm a hippie/weird enough to do that on my own b) law school makes people not notice rather obvious things or c) people noticed but were either too polite to say anything or thought law school made me crazy enough just forgot my shoes.

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