Thursday, April 14, 2011

Law Revue: I throw my hands up!

So today was the University of Richmond Law Revue, and it was a blast.

What is Law Revue you ask? Well, every year the law school has a variety show called Law Revue. It’s a way for the law students to let off steam. It allows us to have a laugh at our own expense gives a creative outlet for those of us who miss Art classes. Some professors even perform songs and skits.

This year I performed a song/dance where I re-wrote the lyrics to a popular dance song to reflect how much time we law students spend in the library. I had spent about a month or so on the lyrics after picking the song around spring break. A week before, I began practicing and being who I am, I decided the day of to make up some choreography.

There are a few glitches, the mic overpowers the background track, sometimes I turned away and you can't hear me (next year I'll request a Britney-style headphone mic), and I make a couple mistakes with the timing and lyrics, cause let's face it, I'm in law school so there wasn't too much time to practice. But I had a lot of fun performing it and other students said they liked it a lot.

I got a copy of my performance from the AV person at the law school. I posted it on YouTube at:

Hope you enjoy, and maybe feel compelled to throw your own hands up!

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