Monday, June 3, 2013

Musical Monday: Deep Thoughts

So the Blog Every Day in May challenge is complete. I'm not sure what to do with my blogging self anymore but I will definitely continue reading my newly discovered blogs to follow like Poke the Rock or To the Sea, and will continue to visit the archives of Story of My Life, to read more of my fellow bloggers responses to the various prompts.

But onward to return to routine, today is Monday which means a new Musical Monday post. This week's theme

Matt Corby: Resolution
If you can't tell with my new widget on the side, I really like the song (and may or may not be officially obsessed with Matt Corby the musician himself). There is just so much happening throughout the song that each time I hear it, I discover another layer. It also makes for great pretend-open-mic-night-belting when driving.

Radical Face: All is Well (Goodbye, Goodbye)
A recent find, but the song is actually from back in 2011. The subject of the song is so sad but as the song progresses the lyrics straddle the line between grief and moving on (although one truly doubts if "All Is Well")

F y f e: Conversations
I've blogged about this musician (Paul Dixon and his previous work under the name "David's Lyre") multiple times here. His latest song Conversations continues to ask introspective and philosophical questions in his new f y f e musical styling.

Laura Marling: Where Can I Go?
I first fell into a girl-crush with Laura Marling after listening to her track Ghosts (fun fact, the gents of Mumford and Sons got together when performing/touring as Laura Marling's band & you can pick them out in the Ghosts music video & then both acts toured India together (where they shout The Cave music video)). While she hasn't had the level of commercial success of her friends and former band-mates, she has released three albums in the past three years and has definitely evolved and grown musically and found success of other kinds, critically she has often been compared to Joni Mitchell. This song was released as a single previously this year and can now be found on the album Once I Was An Eagle, released just days ago (May 28, 2013).

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