Monday, September 2, 2013

Musical Monday: Labor Day Love of New Music!

Happy Labor Day! Unfortunately, as fate would have it I'm here at the office, but will be taking a half day, so I can try and get a little tan & help out more with wedding prep. I don't wanna get washed out by my bright pink maid of honor dress =)

Here are two songs I'm enjoying right now, even while stuck in the office a while longer.

Yuna: I Wanna Go
This Malaysian songstress is a smooth crooner over even smoother beats and melodies. She writes her own music and in the last two years she's been in the States recording with the likes of Pharrell. Her 2012 self-titled debut album broke into the Billboard Top 100

Gossling: Never Expire
An Australian indie artist I've championed on the blog before, her latest track takes her into a deeper full, beat-driven territory while keeping the poignant lyrics that stood out from her more acoustic beginnings.

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