Monday, March 24, 2014

Musical Monday: Don't Be Afraid

So rather than highlighting a particular band or style, the theme this week is "Don't Be Afraid." Basically life is full of hard decisions, rocks and hard places, giving up things we want for other things we want more, but with the right perspective and the right support, a bit of courage, a belief in something greater, and a willingness to try we can find ourselves where we want to be, or need to be and there's no point wasting time in worry or fear... at least that's what I'm attempting to tell myself through these select songs.

For the Spotify Playlist, click HERE!(I tried to embed the playlist here but couldn't figure it out in time)

Or continue on in our usual fashion (but note, I haven't watched these videos all the way through to approve they're SFW, so you might need headphones on the live performances)

CHVRCHES: Strong Hand
A bonus track off of The Bones of What You Believe, it makes be happy to have the deluxe version because I dance to this all the time in the car.

"When the pressure's building for a great white hope, do you give up the things you love?"
"Will I be the strong hand, keeping you safe? Or will I break you in half?"

Lucius: Two of Us on the Run
A magnificent Christmas gift from one of my best friends, their 2013 album Wildewoman is a great pop album that deserves your attention.

"So run and tell the story of how we made something of ourselves now"
"There's no race, there's only a runner; just keep one foot in front of the other."
"1, 2, 3, even when you get tired, just keep one foot in front of the other."

Bombay Bicycle Club: It's Alright Now
The new album from Bombay Bicycle Club is a great sophomore effort, showing a more mature, polished sound. THis track in particular reminds me of late band The Middle East's Blood (but mostly cause of the oh-ooos)

"It's alright now oh-ooo-oh-oooo-oh-ooOOOoo"
"Let me be your fortress"

San Fermin: Daedelus (What We Have)

San Fermin has such a great sound, and with so many instruments and different vocalists, their 2013 self-titled album was one unique sounding track after another.

"Don't you know it's awfully hard to dream"
"It's hard to talk about, when inside you're freaking out, when it's going quickly and you doubt you're anything"

Yellow Ostrich: Don't Be Afraid

The closing track on Yellow Ostrich's recently released album Cosmos basically gets the whole message of the post across in one song (which is how it inspired this whole post to begin with). However, it's too new & unknown to even make the YouTubes so I definitely recommend spotifying it just to hear the album and this track!

"Don't be afraid, don't be so hard to find"

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