Monday, March 17, 2014

Musical Monday: Getdown Snowdown!

More SNOW!?! This is cause for celebration, both because Work got cancelled but also because this will likely be the last snow of the year. I like a good break from work, but I definitely get a bit claustrophobic feeling cooped up at home. So I decided to share a jam that makes me wanna get up and groove, cause if nothing else, at least I'll get some good cardio done today.

Matt Corby: Trick of the Light (Live on the Resolution Tour)
Matt Corby has made us wait sooooo long for his full length album, and in the meantime puts out a few singles to whet our appetites, like this gem. He also tours around Australia, which is all well and good, but for those of us on the other side of the world, we only have youtube videos of the performances to keep us going until that glorious day when he finally finishes an album.


P!nky said...

Man, that was awesome. It took me back to field parties, in college with awesome jam bands. Totally groovetastic! Thanks for sharing!


erica @ to the sea said...

So much for the last snow of the year! Lol. :)