Friday, August 1, 2014

Foto Friday: *Hashtag*HubbardGlacier!

 Day/Night 4: Tony's a Star! 
We went from the Animal Preservation to Whittier (through a one-way-mountain tunnel, oh my!) where we boarded the boat.  Once through all the security and check-ins our first evening on the cruise ship was spent booking excursions, wandering around, and going through the mandatory safety drill.  That night, things took a turn for the awesome at the "welcome to the cruise" show.  Essentially, we got a preview of the different entertainment acts aboard the ship, one of which was a comedian whose routine involved audience participation. And who do you think got up there and stole the show? Well, Tony of course!
So excited for the show to begin!
Tony was the first to get called up to the stage and milked the "hapless old man" routine it became clear that he wasn't haplessly not in on the joke, but was cleverly creating plenty of comedy for the rest of us.  The whole rest of the cruise, we had other guests coming up to him all around the ship yelling "TONY!" one lady even asked for a picture with him! My grandpa's got it!
dancing down the aisles!

Tony & Tim Kaminski, she ship's comedian
Day 5: Hubbard Glacier
The next day, we got up early(ish) to get a massage (my first!) at the "Spa" and then watch the World Cup game in the jam packed "Sports Bar," but unfortunately the US lost =(

It was a sea day, so instead of heading straight to our first port we went by the Hubbard Glacier, our first (and honestly most impressive) of the many glaciers we'd see from the ship.  The scenery was majestic and it's easy to understand why they do this at the very outset of the journey.  
Rah and I shifted back and forth from the front of the ship, where we found a nice perch allowing maximum scenery viewing, and the back of the ship, which was more protected form the winds so it was a little warmer and the perfect spot for Tony to view it all (Pat & Kae found their own viewing point--which is why there aren't any pictures of them that day. Don't worry, we didn't throw them off the ship... yet).

Luckily this baby iceberg did not cause any Titanic moments

I've combined pictures from my iPhone, my Camera, & my dad's camera so the following are a little out of order but that really doesn't matter cause it's my blog and I say it doesn't!

So gorgeous!

The lady that took this picture liked us so much she said she'd threaten her own daughters that she'd replace them with us if they ever got out of control =)

Such a beautiful background it almost looks fake

Me & my best friend Tone!

So contemplative... what deep thoughts are you pondering?

That evening, leaving dinner we saw a double rainbow that extended over both sides of the ship, it was really pretty cool!

We then continued towards our first port where our excursion adventures began on the "World's Tallest Zipline" but you'll have to wait until next week to find out how that went!

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