Friday, August 8, 2014

Foto Friday: Zippidee-Zip-lining in Icy Strait Point

So I found the picture of the rainbow coming out of my head that I talked about last post:
See, it is magical!
Day 6: Icy Strait Point

Our sixth day found us in our first port of call in Hoonnah, AK A*K*A Icy Strait Point.  It is essentially an old canning town, originally settled by the native population.  They have since incorporated and created this tourist area called Icy Strait Point, where they detail the settling of Alaska, the old canning factory that used to be there, and sell art and souvenirs (Everything they sold was Alaskan made/owned so I bought almost all of my souvenirs there because of that).  Oh yeah, and they recently built the world's tallest zip-line (at least according to them).

Here's my video of the main attraction, the Zipline (disregard Rah's screams of terror):

The port is actually so small and narrow that our cruise ship could not fit into the harbor. That meant we had to take smaller boats into the shore. Here's Rah & I checking out the view from the front (because of course we were in the front).

Upon arrival, even the ship's Orca whale recognized Tony and his fame, they didn't even charge us for the picture.
WE had a small amount of time to wander around before the bus ride through the village and up to the top of the Zip-line. The morning was cloudy and semi-rainy but we were lucky as the drizzles held off until after our turn to ride.

Here's some pictures from the journey to the top:

B-O.B. Crew on our best bus behavior

Unfortunately, only 6 could ride at a time and we had a group of 7 so we split 2 & 5 with my parents testing it out first with B-O.B. & T-bone going next.

mom's ready to go!


view of our ship from the zip-line

Dad's picture of us in motion!

They sold a souvenir shotglass & shot, which we got for Mom & Tony
Unfortunately, our one planned group picture didn't work out when a fellow tourist couldn't figure out how to press a button to take a picture (I weep for the US education system...JK), instead here's my dad's test-framing shot...

Totemly Awesome!

A GIANT Halibut!
So there was this little hut that sold only dungeness and king crab (and the most amazing bloody mary ever), the best part was that the dungeness crab was all freshly caught THAT MORNING and brought down to the pier. We had a delicious crab feast for lunch!

best bloody mary ever: crab claw & shrimp included!
My "pretty" face

There was a mini donut stand where they sold freshly fried donuts and dipping sauces. The maple bacon dipping sauce changed my life ;)
check out that sweet zip-lining wristband!

My parents should  totally model for Alaskan Life Magazine:

Get enough of the B-OB crew together (especially at an inter-active museum, well, at least me decided it was interactive) and we're goofing off in no time!

The view from down by the water:

so many starfish!

From wandering around the nature trail:

The sun finally came out just before it was time to leave & it was beautiful!

When it was time to go we hopped back into the small boats then headed back on board the ship. The ever-curious Tony watched the whole thing:

That evening's sunset (at about 10:00p.m., as we made our way south they began to occur earlier):

We then set sail for Juneau or "June-ay-ew" as Rah put it, where the day began with some disappointing news.....

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