Monday, January 9, 2012

Last First Day

So today began what I think might actually be my LAST FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL EVER! That's right, ladies and gents I've decided that after 20 years in the education system I am announcing my retirement from school, effective May 5, 2012. I guess retirement announcements are less exciting when the person making them is not a famous sports star, however unlike many of them *ahem Michael Jordan Bret Favre *coughcough* I plan on sticking to this retirement.

As I explained to a friend earlier today, I really like the idea of school I just always find I don't very much enjoy the actual thing as much as I thought.  It's kind of the way I feel about tigers.  I like tigers, I like their fur, I like their tenacity, basically, I like the idea of a tiger.  But if I had to spend the next 14 weeks in a library daily with one, I don't think I would really enjoy it.  This kind of sums up my experience in law school, intriguing from a distance, safe behind glass and a sign that warns DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS.

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Tigers are awesome ;)!