Monday, June 18, 2012

Musical Monday: Musical Alchemy

So it's been awhile since the last Musical Monday.  If you have been sad/disappointed/nervous/experiencing-musical-withdrawals in the lack of posting lately I apologize, Bar Study is NOJOKE and I have very little time to justify doing anything fun-slash-not bar study.

Long-story-short, if you're wondering about that "Album review" post I promised, it just might have to wait until August =).  Instead, here are some happy tunes that are infectiously cheerful and have gotten me through some of the dryer, less inspired areas of Virginia Law.  As today's title implies, they can turn even the most dreary, leaden study days/daze to golden sunshine.

Shadows on Stars: When It Builds
Try not to smile when the first shout-sung "You" surprises your ears... actually don't, just embrace the sunshine!

Nneka: Shining Star
A little less up-tempo, but still leaves you feeling good inside.  It doesn't hurt that she's ridiculously talented (she was a SXSW featured artist) and gorgeous, if you like this song, the rest of her music is definitely worth checking out

Dana Buoy: So Lucky
Almost found myself clapping along with this in the library (oops), and with the name "Summer Bodies," the album is destined to be solid summer listening "You amaze, you inspire me.  I'm left undone" 

Ramona Falls: Archimedes Plutonium
This song has been on repeat in my car since I bought the album Prophet NOJOKE! You can even hear it in the background of my impromptu howtodonateyourhair video I made when I chopped 14 inches off last week (you can see that here).  I'm super-bummed I missed watching them in concert up in DC this past Saturday, especially since the reason for missing it turned out not to be what I expected.  

But it's hard to stay bummed with these tunes churning through my ear canals... and since this is about the limit of my break-justifyability, until next time! 

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