Monday, June 25, 2012

Musical Monday: Sad-Slow-Pian-Oh

So the power is out again, and since lack of electricity brings melancholy, and let's face it, Mondays in general can be rough, here are some slow-jamz on the ivory keyz to eaze (too many "z"s?) you into the thought of the 4 days between today and the weekend. Or maybe last weekend was a bit rough (mine involved about 25 hours on a bus, 6 of which involved the bus not working/me sleeping at a Pilot gas station, if I had the time, we'd have a full post about it) and you just need some recovery music. Also, for those of you realizing the bar exam is now within a month away, these songs are all kinda sad and can be used to lament time spent not studying (**ahem, cough** including time writing this blog post? oh my!)

Matt Corby: Made of Stone (Live)
From the Made of Stone EP you can download for free if you sign up for his mailing list (Super awesome, right?)

Gossling: Love Fall Foul (Live)
First verse breaks my heart Every.Time. From the Intentional Living EP

Goldmund: Evelyn
From the album The Malady of Elegance (how's that for an awesome name) I use this as the final meditation track in my Yoga class all the time, it's probably the most complimented song on my Yoga Playlist besides Angus & Julia Stone's Paper Aeroplane

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