Monday, July 9, 2012

Musical Monday: Trailblazers

Embrace the awkwardness of being yourself! Strike your own path! Don't let labels define you! Dance the way you feel! This week's theme is blazing your own trail, being an individual, doing "you" & here are some songs that can help you:

Kimbra -- Posse
The song that inspired today's theme. I love how Kimbra champions being her own person, I'm sure she penned this one while in LA.  Here she declines to get "all caught up in [the] social scene" making the rest of us think it's cool not only to stay in school but to "like Shakespeare" and be "down with monogamy." It's a fantastic theme song for choosing to be different and like yourself for it!

Fleetwood Mac -- Go Your Own Way
Now looking at the lyrics I realize the singer isn't actually wanting someone to "go your own way" but this song will always take me back to a moment in grade school where I decided to be an individual rather than follow the crowd and this chorus was playing in a loop in my head.  Yes, it was tough to feel like I was missing out, but what I got from doing my own thing was priceless

Noah and the Whale -- L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.
"You got more than money and sense my friend, you got heart, and you're going your own way" <3

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool -- Dance the Way I Feel
"I just dance the way I feel" and so should you! It's very liberating to just let the music move you and not worry about what anyone else is thinking. Of course, when I dance the way I feel I'm typically in my bedroom with no one watching, but every now and then I'll bust out some music-led-movement in public...

What songs inspire you to go your own way?

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