Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Musical Monday: SuperStorm Edition!

Hurricane, well sorry I guess now she's downgraded to SuperStorm, Sandy has largely passed the area and luckily my friends and family were relatively unscathed. Those who lost lives, a loved one, or property my heart is with you. Here are some songs that played in my head while the storm passed, with some of their more pertinent storm-themed lyrics.

Ramona Falls: The Space Between Lightning and Thunder
"I feel alive when the weathers violent, I live to smell the change in the air"
I actually tweeted this & got a response from the band themselves, felt like a rockstar: 
 Stay safe dear east coast friends “: "I feel alive when the weather's violent" -  "

The Doors: Riders on the Storm
"Riders on the storm, into this house we're born, into this world we're thrown"

Garth Brooks: The Thunder Rolls
"As the storm blows on out of control, deep in her heart the thunder rolls"

Mumford & Sons: After the Storm
"and after the storm... on my knees and out of luck I look up... there will come a time you'll see with no more fear and love will not break your heart"

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