Thursday, November 1, 2012

Musical Thursday?!? Special Post

So listening to music while driving through a hurricane makes the entire experience more potent, the lyrics pop in your brain, the drumbeats pound in your heart, and the melodies echo through your ears. 

Basically, my adrenaline fueled 2-hour drive through Hurricane Sandy (when it was still technically a Hurricane) from Richmond back to NoVA while listening to KEXP's Music that Matters Podcast, made this already epic piece of "post-anthemic rock" (apparently that's a thing now, see here) even more EPIC! Like any tremendously happy news, I can no longer contain it, thus this special post.

Here's a preview of the lyrical phrases that caught my breath and continue to waft through my mind:
"I was in love with a heartbeat;
"I'm singing of a lonesome day;
"She wears a red dress out when it's grey; she's out there looking for love in the morning."
"I'll send doves to let you know"
"See the sun turn around and run away"

Without further ado, here's the song.

NO: What's Your Name?

You can get their EP on their Bandcamp page:

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