Friday, April 4, 2014

Foto Friday: 10k

Last Weekend I returned to Richmond for the "Ukrops Monument Avenue 10k presented by Sportsbackers" (wow, that was a mouthful). I had a great time staying with a good friend I hadn't seen in person for almost a year, and I got to meet (and completely approve of) her boyfriend and their new dog.
I caught up with friends and even though it wasn't sunny and actually a little rainy, I had a fun time running & wished that in addition to my nike sportwatch I had one of those new smart watches that takes pictures or a go-pro cause there were some great costumes & getting my phone out mid-race was not an option.

Anyway here are some pictures from the weekend: 
This year's t-shirt

Post-Race thumbs-up! Since it was raining a spectator/cheerer held up a "Best Wet T-Shirt Contest Ever!" sign, which made me realized the white shirt/blue sports bra combo wasn't my best idea ;)

The coolest costumed runners I saw: Forrest Gump & Jenny!


My hostess and the adorable Gus!
Post-race brunch w/ some other Spider alumni! I got a delicious lamb, kale, onion, hash brown skillet w/ feta ant goat cheese, and it was perfect!

Hanging out with my favorite giant-headed dog!

Gus knew just how I felt Saturday night...

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P!nky said...

What wonderful pictures, I like em!