Friday, May 2, 2014

Foto Friday

So these pictures are almost a month old but I had to share them. Thanks for bearing with me on my start/stop style of blogging these past few months, I'd like to blame time/stress or anything but myself but honestly I succumbed to my ennui that seems to have seeped into every aspect of my life. I need to find the energy to change a few things in my life and instead since I am more efficient the more I have to do, I'm hoping that creating & sticking to a blogging schedule will help me. 

We'll see.

Anyways, here are unedited pictures from the DC National Cherry Blossom Festival.  The biggest special effect of these pictures was timing them just right to get a picture of the blossoms & NOT the back of one of the heads of the 10,000 people constantly streaming by me. It was sooo crowded and as annoying as it was to be pushed about by an innumerable throng of bodies, I couldn't begrudge them their opportunity to see this special sight, especially considering that 98% of them travelled much further than I did on the slim chance there would actually be flowers on the trees. It's always a bit of a mind boggling thought that I take for granted how I grew up outside one of the most powerful cities in the world & I definitely want to take more advantage of what the city has to offer.

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P!nky said...

SO pretty! I need to get you to frame some of them for me. It is crazy how close we are to the city and how much we take being here for granted. Well done!