Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Best Somethings Drawn

So I'm sure by now you've heard of Draw Something, the pictionary-like game with no rules where you basically play with (as opposed to against) other iPhone, iTouch, or iPad users and guess what the other has drawn, earning coins based on the difficulty of the drawing.  The coins allow you to buy more colors, and then be able to make cooler drawings.  Here are some of my best so far (I know they can't touch the "all-time best of Draw Something tumblrs but I have fun and this blog is my oyster so by golly I'm gonna post them)

your choice of "Taylor"s

camo is fun to draw and I've never seen a rule that you can't write slogans

i love how simple this one is, (done when I only had one shade of brown)

I've drawn this one maybe 5 times, it's become a favorite

She guessed at the hat + braid

this one was fun

She got this pretty quick

I find the squid's expression HI-larious!

smushed fossil + field... got it! Also, i will now refer to driving long distances as burning a lot of smushed dinosaurs

(she guessed it when I had only drawn the igloo)

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P!nky said...


YOu are so good at this game!!!