Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break Recap Video *Insert Excited Face*

"But Bitz... Spring Break ended a month ago..."
Yeah, well some of us had stuff like law school to do and kept forgetting to upload the footage to the computer...
Anyway, I recorded a little recap video of the whole trip as soon as I got back, it just took awhile before I had the time to get it up on the interwebs.  There is actually a 1/2 hour of footage from the trip and I made a lil movie for each of the ladies but since I have yet to ask their permission for eternal glory on the interweb (and I haven't had THAT much time to make a highlight-reel or edit out faces) , I haven't included all my footage. That might occur later. So stay tuned:

check out my horribly awesome Aussie accent at 3:28-408, and then at the very end

Also, let's take a moment to think how this is only my fifth numbered vlog entry and I had already forgotten which number I was on when I uploaded it...

As I face the last two weeks of law school and finals, we can be sure I will either ignore this blog completely... or devote all the time and energy I should be spending on my studies here instead.  

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