Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thirsty Thursday!

So this is my first attempt at a blog link-up.  This is through Jenn at Going the Distance and Trish from Tales from Trish.  Let me tell you, here in the midst of finals week a Happy Hour is just what I need!

What's In My Cup?

My virtual drink of choice: Shiner Bock.  A nice easy, simple drink that requires no prep time (since I currently don't have any) and would allow me to return to my work after... lame I know but that's life right now.  Plus there are certain times when a cold beer just hits the spot and now would be one of those times. Maybe when I get home I'll have to crack one open.

What's On My Mind?

Well obviously law school finals, the bar application (which I have yet to print and mail in, that's my task for Saturday through Tuesday because apparently printing the bad boy is muy complicado), and my current state of unemployment for next year are weighing heavily on my mind but I don't want to be Debbie Downer on my first Happy Hour with y'all so here are some of the things I'm excited about:


My Senior Year Apartment-mates at my undergrad graduation at this place 3 years ago.

Graduation is always a little bittersweet but this time I'm just super excited because it means no more school for this lady! EVER!


I just found out that another friend of mine is pregnant, with TWINS! That brings the current count of friends with babies born (or to be born) in 2012 to about 6.  And I'm super excited for all the new moms but it also makes me super excited that I don't have a new life to look after yet and can be very independent in my job seach (I've been looking at some opportunities in Europe, but if I do ever have kiddoes, they will be born in the USA baby!)


I'm in my first wedding at the end of May and am super excited for the bride-to-be.  I went to her bachelorette party last weekend and it was suuuuper fun.  I also attended a FAB wedding of a law school friend recently, and in August will go to the first wedding between two classmates, both good friends and a one former house-mate from 1L year, it'll be a great post-bar summer celebration for all of us!

Wow... "Babies!" and "Weddings!" I am such a girl, I need to share some sporty stuff to stop this from becoming a Pinterest board.

C-A-P-S Caps! Caps! Caps!

Me in the Library *RIGHT NOW* Sporting my CAPs gear

The Washington Capitals made it through the first round of the playoffs! In a nail-biting Seventh Game against the Boston Bruins they clinched the victory with an overtime goal by a lesser known player Joel Ward, which just shows you that anyone can make a solid contribution to the team at any moment!

Well that's all the time I have for now, I mean that last picture was kind of awkward to take in the middle of the law library so I'll have to have some actual work on my computer screen before more people walk by and judge me.

Yay for Link-ups and Thirsty Thursdays!


P!nky said...

WOOOHOO! YAYAY first link up!



Jenn said...

YAY for linking up! (Im glad that my directions helped!)
Yay for graduation!!!! And Super YAY for Caps!!!! :)
Thanks for linking up girlie!

Trish said...

good luck on finals!
I told Jenn I may have to jack your idea on how you laid out this post. I LOVE IT!
(YAY for me "borrowing" your style :))