Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Musical Monday (Tuesday Again): Summer Come Back!

In Which I Lament The Summer That Wasn't

Today's theme ignores the fact that Thanksgiving and The Most Wonderful Time of the Year are right around the corner & instead encapsulates my sentiments for most of late October-mid November: fall is great and wonderful but I missed my summer this year I want it back!

The Drums: Let's Go Surfing

A perfect summer boardwalk song. Not since Nelly have we had a better woven-in version of "Shimmy Shimmy Coco-Pop" (or "DownDown Baby," whatever it's called) to a radio friendly tune.

Surfaris: Wipeout

I can't have summer without this jam. And the cackling laugh just taunts me that its another 7 months until summer begins.

Dana Buoy: So Lucky

I know I've highlighted this song before but my blog my rules, I do what I want (plus last time it was just the EP cover not a music video).  Anyways, I can't hear this song without thinking of relaxing at the beach seeing a vast expanse of ocean across the horizon and that wonderfully full feeling you get realizing how amazing it it yo witness such grandeur.

The Jezabels: Endless Summer

Epic drumbeats, a ridiculous vocal range, passionately ambiguous but dark/nostalgic lyrics, must be the Jezabels. The video is just as epic w/ a cinematic Beauty & the Beast-esque storyline, horses, & Australian ranch.

Josh Pyke: Endless Summer (Jezebel Cover)

Then because today's selection is based on my own sad nostalgia for the summer that wasn't (2012 will always be the summer that wasn't just b/c it was filled with studying for the bar, which I don't want to remember anyway), here's Josh Pyke's acoustic - and therefore more raw & emotional by default - cover of Endless Summer for Triple J's Like a Version. Sidenote: Next week theme will be Cool Covers w/ a link to Triple J and some of my favorite "Like a Versions"

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