Friday, November 9, 2012

(Super)Fun Friday: Kickball and Cooking

So tomorrow I jet off to New Orleans to play for the National Kickball Title (I know how absurd that sounds but there's actually a lot of strategy and athletic ability that goes into an adult kickball game, and I've really missed having a team to belong to and something to REALLY play for in a sport).  My team, OSC, is actually quite good, in fact we won the WAKA World (National) Championship tournament in Vegas last month.

(OSC at the Harrisburg, PA tournament in June 2012)

It's also SUPERFUN because my sisters and I all play for the same team and when we get together and get competitive, it's impossible not to have a fun time!
uuber presh-to-the-ish, no?

And what also makes this (Super)Fun Friday is that I took a break from job applications this week to splice together my very own audition for The Next Food Network Star! Well, not really, but the way the job search is going, I'm not ruling it out as an alternative.  Anyways, here's a video where I show you how to make Jerk Chicken Chili! The recipe is included in the info-doobly-doo beneath the video on YouTube if you want to make some yourself.  It's SUPER sencillo (easy), and RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS. 

 It's one of the first big dishes I discovered and made entirely on my own so it will always be a special recipe in the filing-cabinet of my heart.

Anyways, hope you have a Fabulously Fun Friday and see you for the next Musical Monday!!

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