Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Musical Monday (Tuesday): Epic Youth Battle

So this post is late due mostly to the fact that I didn;t have internet for most of yesterday or the weekend in general as I took in the sights, sounds, and kickball feilds of New Orleans LA.  While my team wasn't the Circuit Cup National Champions, we did make it to the finals and take it to 5 extra innings, not too shabby.

Enough with the recap, let's get to today's music post. I have two current up-and-coming songs that are stuck in my head this week and they both happen to have the same name, which can only mean one thing for today's post:
Prepare your mind for two Youths duking it out in the battle for your ears and heart!

Daughter: Youth

In this corner, championed by KEXP Seattle is the British trio, lead by Elena Tonra.  With a quiet passion they creates a dark, brooding, atmospheric tale of "setting fire to our insides for fun to distract our hearts" and "lovers that went wrong." The subtle melody of the electric guitar weaves magic as it interplays with her contemplative, regretfully angry vocals and the dynamic drumbeat.

Foxes: Youth

In the other corner, championed by Dianna Agron and the crew at You Me & Charlie comes Louisa Rose Allen, also hailing from across the pond (Britain), who performs under the name Foxes. This "Youth" definitely has a bolder more danceable beat, while still maintaining meaningful lyrics: "a thousand dreams I'm holding heavy." The beat definitely take center stage alongside her voice, nostalgic and pleading as she cries "don't tell me our youth is running out," after a brief pseudo-climax, both the beat and her voice regain power & confidence as the song builds to a close.

So who won? It's like picking which child is your favorite, but I'm keeping my own bias to myself. I'd love to hear which one you prefer and why! Drop a  comment below!

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