Monday, May 12, 2014

Musical Monday: Mourning a Glory

This weekend I received devastating news that a former teammate, friend, and wonderful person passed away in a tragic hot air balloon accident in Caroline County, Virginia.

You might have heard it on the news, I saw stories about it almost everywhere I turned online from local news sources to the MSN homepage, even BBC world news. It was such a shocking and tragic incident. To find out that a former teammate, who had JUST organized last month's alumni meet, who made me a poster just as lovely and with as much thought at the ones she made the 4 year seniors, even though I had only been on the team 3 months, was killed in such a horrific and sudden and unpredictable way was earth-shaking.

In the abstract I know that she's gone but in processing reality, I don't think it's fully hit yet. Work is tough today but what a reminder to cherish every moment and to tell the people that you admire why they are so special to you. There's more I want to write but for now this is all I can get through.

Natalie are are a dear and dearly missed. Your megawatt smile had a brilliance that shone through your eyes to welcome anyone and your passion for live and for loving others stands above most anyone else I know.

Here's a song that expresses some of what I'm feeling.  I didn't want to get too sad or morbid posting a bunch so this is the extent of Musical Monday:

Yellowcard: View from Heaven

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P!nky said...

I'm so, so, so sorry for your loss sissy. I can't imagine the pain her family and the UR community is feeling, but I'm praying really hard for everyone.

I love you!