Monday, May 5, 2014

Musical Monday: Oh Land's Cherry on Top

Oh Land: Cherry on Top
*skip at least the first minute to get to the actual music, or if you want the full story, you can watch the whole thing

So I've posted some of her music here before, and I'm pretty sure when speaking of her last video for Renaissance Girls, I called her "all the cool I want to be." Not much is different in this video.  The video and the song are based on a dream she had. You see, before she was a pop siren, Nana Oland was training to be a professional ballerina.  A back injury put her in the hospital for months where she was told she'd never dance again.  Her creative outlet became music, and since her self-titled debut album I have been a fan of her off-kilter, sweet but sometimes savory pop sounds.

Oh Land: White Nights

Her first video and one of my favorite all time music videos

As you can see from these videos, she has actually recovered enough that she can move and dance better than the average person.  However, she's shared how hard it was to let her dream of being a ballet dancer fade away, especially since at night her dreams would betray  how tightly her subconscious held onto her childhood dream.  That is, until one night she dreamt that she was back in ballet class yet again, but this time instead of a dancer, she was the substitute pianist. That dream inspired her song and video for "Cherry on Top" and the result is an auditory and visual delight!

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Cherry on Top just sounds like fun!