Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Belated Musical Monday: Tokyo Summer

Erm, so this was supposed to be up yesterday... maybe not the best start to my "weekly" update... but in my defense I had a championship soccer game at 10:15 which went into overtime and we WON, so I wouldn't have had this up before midnight anyways

So this is my attempt to try a weekly themed blogpost: MUSICAL MONDAY! The theme Tokyo Summer.  Tokyo because it's about as far as I can get from where I am right now and summer because it's only a week away!


Tokyo by Imagine Dragons
How awesome would it be to go back in time and be one of the dancers in this video!

Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) by The Wombats
a fun video to an upbeat fun song!

Plans by Birds of Tokyo
"We made plans to kiss the stars at night, hopeless dreamers..."


Afraid of Summer by Lost Lander
For some reason it won't let me embed the video but here's a link to watch it, I love the way the music progresses and changes through the song:
Also, the title represents my thoughts exactly on the 2/12 months of studying for the bar

Heartbeat by David's Lyre
I know i just posted about this song but it's sooo entrenched in my consciousness I have to share again.  The lyrics are so AWESOME "Summer comes, kisses the fields, but this heart won't beat forever"

Thanks for reading/listening! 
What songs come to mind for you when I say Tokyo Summer?  I'd love to know!

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