Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Painting Ms. Pinky

Ain't she purdy?

So for a birthday present this year my sister asked me to paint something for her.  Knowing I had a 2 week break between the end of law school and  the beginning of Bar prep I agreed.

She decided she wanted this picture painted: 

but when there was a misunderstanding of what exactly was to be kept and what to be discarded we decided to amalgamate the flower with this:

So with help from modern projection technology I was able to finish the painting in 2 days worth of work.  Technically it's not completely complete but it's Good-Enough-For-the-Interweb at this point and I wanted to do a blog post before my life is COMPLETELY taken over by Bar Prep.

My "outdoor-deck studio" at la casa de mis padres

The initial sketch, made possible by use of a projector, no WAY i could've free-handed this 

Filling in the background first

I painted the edges purple to give it a "finished" look even if it remains unframed

So this was how her Pinkness first saw the picture... not quite a flattering portrayal so far, still very cartoony

Oh the eyes finally give it life but the incomplete mouth area makes it still the tiniest bit creepy

End of Day 1, most of the face done.

Final Day One Picture

I begin with the hair, it was tricky because the browns looked MUCH lighter before drying so I had some issues guesstimating the color

Slowly nearing completion

Flowers are HARD!

Just some minor touches left

And again, the (current) final product

I'm really glad I got to paint something again, it's been such a long time and it was a great release of some creative energy.  I also have plenty of paints left for some new projects! Any suggestions?

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