Monday, May 14, 2012

Musical Monday 3...

And its ACTUALLY A MONDAY!!! +10 to punctuality!  (In case this is your first visit, Musical Monday 1 and Musical Monday 2 never actually made it out on a Monday)

So we'll keep it short and sweet today, cause if it gets too detailed I run out of time/get distracted and before you know it Monday is gone! The theme today is Sunny-Indie Retro Pop/Rock, to counteract the rainy Mondays (I got sunshiiiine on a cloudy day)!

Sunny-Indie Retro Pop/Rock

White Arrows - Get Gone
I heard this first on the KEXP Music that Matters Podcast "Can't Say No to Friday." You put this on your car radio, roll the windows down and instantly you're the coolest person on the street (I did this in DC saturday morning and it was magic!). Also, Justin Timberlake himself promoted it via twitter about a month ago so if you're more of a top40er, uneasy about "indie-sunny-hazy-guitar-infused-pop" (as Cheryl Waters describes it), than no worries, the prince of radio-friendly pop himself endorses this.

Dum Dum Girls - Bedroom Eyes
Totally one to bounce along to, and who wouldn't want to wear one of these outfits pick up an instrument and live out some childhood "Josie and the Pussycats" inspired girl-rock dreams.

The next song is a little less "retro" a little more "1800s" feel, at least in terms of the fashion

King Charles - Mississippi Isabel

King Charles just released his debut album LoveBlood earlier this month and I look forward to listening to it, as I REALLY enjoyed his song LoveLust (and we all know how I feel about dreadlocks).  This song is an Ode to some chica named Mississippi Isabel -- who he also mentions in LoveLust-- which I'm guessing is the British Trustafarian version of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl.  The video really makes me want some sun, an old-school bicycle, and a countryside tea-party in ankledeep water, how about you?

I LOVE sharing music with you, any suggestions on the theme for the next Musical Monday?

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