Friday, April 26, 2013

Foto Friday: Ghostly Night Blooms

So this week's Foto Friday is based on a very American Beauty-esque moment at night this last week (i.e. "the-world-is-just-so-beautiful"while filming a plastic bag & leaves in the wind).  I wanted to capture the way that some white flowers glowed in the light of the full moon.  Unfortunately, and rather obviously, the pictures came out super dark and it was a major fail... until I remembered that my (now-not-so) new iPhone has a flash. 

So while my initial idea didn't work out, I ended up with a very different set of photos. To me the images evoke a spooky loneliness in the void where a background would show up in the daytime, but they also have this wonderful sense of hopeful color amidst darkness.

Have you ever tried to do something creative only to end up with something completely different? Tell me in the comments below or on twitter @itzbizr

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