Monday, April 8, 2013

Musical Monday: Spring Fever

Spring is in the air, which means invest in some tissues for those seasonal allergies... wait I don't mean that type of spring fever. I mean the birds singing in the trees and flowers blooming and the type of spring fever that made high-school-me a bundle of angst hoarding my emotions in a box of undelivered (and sometimes ill-delivered) love-notes. So here's this week's list:

Fey Moth: Alexander

This electro-pop band out of Seattle, Washington (another KEXP find) takes the "love is a battlefield" metaphor to epic proportions with "Alexander" in which the female vocalist challenges a boy that if he wants to make her his empire, her he must be willing to wage war and conquer.  I imagine 2 armies of soldiers clad in ancient togas and sandals, amazon warrior women toe to toe with Alexander the great-esque men building statues and legends. But really, as I listen what I really hear is a girl who just wants a guy to rise to the occasion and

Then I heard the rest of the digital album White Blind released December 2012 and I knew I had to break with tradition & include a whole album in this week's Musical Monday. It fit the Spring Fever theme so well, I had to include the whole thing, especially with cover art like this:
You can buy it for any price hereI have been rocking out to these 5 songs all weekend.

The nature imagery throughout this album is perfect for spring and as metaphors for infatuation, love, and longing. A perfect example is the last track, where she serenades her "peach, out of reach."

Phosphorescent: Song for Zula
On a completely opposite side of things we have Song for Zula off of the recently released album Muchacho that compares love to a wild animal who must be caged else it disfigure its victims.  The floating orchestral melody contrasts so well with the weary heart-broken lyrics.

Atlas Genius: Trojans
This tune is a Trojan in my head! Depending on what stations you listen to, you've either heard this song too much or not at all.  The first single to make it big in the US from the Australian band's album When It Was Now I have found a miraculous balance where I've heard it just enough to want more. Which is what I imagine the song it about but rather than a song, it's a person who's Trojan-horsed her way into his head. I LOVE the part where the melody drops out and it's a slow build with the singer with the drums clapping and the guitar repeating a single note. Something about that moment in just gives me so many feels ("feelings" for any non-tumblr folk)!

Spring Fever is all about the "feels." What song's right now give you fever? I'd love to know. Tell me in the comments or on twitter @itzbitz

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