Monday, April 1, 2013

Musical Monday: April's Showering Songs

So in the spirit of fun and April Fools, this post is exactly what the title suggests: the best songs to sing in the shower! A good shower song needs a catchy melody and not too complicated lyrics, and plenty of wiggle room to add your own lyrics, a vocal run or throw in some "La-la-las."

I'm gonna suggest some of the best songs of the moment to sing in the shower to either help wake yourself up, put you in a good mood, or maybe even impress fellow roommates/family members/or apt. building livers!

Morning Showers in an Apt. Building w/ Thin Walls or Roommates:

Things to Consider: When there's a chance of others hearing you sing, the range has to be pretty simple so you can be quiet or loud depending on your confidence or what time of morning you're singing. The lyrics cant be easily mistaken for something inappropriate or something only a crazy person would sing. You also have to pick a song no one will get mad at you for getting stuck in their head all day.
Chosen Song:
Florida Georgia Line: Get Your Shine On
Why It Works: This song has a bright tune and encouraging lyrics, perfect to wake you (and anyone else who might still be sleeping) up with a smile on your face. I think country is one of the best genres to wake up to, well at least the happy country songs. Florida Georgia Line has some great mellow and party tunes on their first studio album Here's to the Good Times, and this is their second single off of the late 2012 release. The chorus is easy to learn and simply repeat if you find verses too much to memorize, and it's simple enough that you can create your own riffs, runs, or melodies.

Living on Your Own or Showering With No One Else Around:

Things to Consider: You can really just belt out anything, but still keep it pretty simple because if someone were to be able to hear you or return home they wouldn't call animal control to put down the obviously dying cat trapped somewhere in the walls.
Chosen Song:
Bruno Mars: Locked Out of Heaven
Why It Works: Why it's not really a new or even still hip song, that's OK cause there's no one else around to judge you. Also, you can sing/do the background sound effects out loud while singing the lyrics in your head and pretty soon you'll just be laughing at yourself, and if that's the end result of any activity, then it was a success.

When Showering = An American Idol or The Voice Fantasy:

Things to Consider: Obviously you are the world's most talented singer and the more people who are lucky enough to hear your voice the better so volume isn't an issue. You have to pick a song the network can easily acquire the rights to but you can't be the 15th person in a row to sing Florence or Adele (and even in your fantasy, you realize they're still better than you).
Chosen Song:
Foxes: Youth
Why It Works: I posted about this song earlier and I think that British singer Louisa Rose Allen created a great song that's not only catchy but also highlights her range of notes and vocal textures. While the beat and mixing is excellent, it would sound great acapella and could really impress Simon or Adam Levine if you did it right.

Do you have any songs that are your favorites to sing in the shower? Comment below to let me know!

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P!nky said...

singing in the shower is the best, unless you get caught!!!

BRITNEY is the best showering artist.....

TOXIC [wheeeeeeeeeer weeeeer wer wer wer]