Friday, April 12, 2013

Foto Friday: Go Fly A Kite!

So on March 30, I headed into DC with a friend and my sisters & brother-in-law-to-be to see the cherry blossoms, however since the groundhog lied, there were only buds on the trees, but lo and behold there was a kite festival on the National Mall. Here are some of the pics I snapped (if you click the pictures you can see them full-size/larger):

The blue kite is the official cherry blossom kite; The Nation's Capital: Capitalizing  on Two Festivals at Once

I'm surprised no one got taken out by any kite strings!

So many kites & people!

They're dancing for us!

Kites even make scaffolding festive!

Angry Bird eyeing the octopus

Giant scuba man, fish, & octopus (& woman who walked right into my shot)!
I know I wanted to fly a kite after watching all these people. Is there any childhood activity you wish you could do with thousands of other people? I know I could go for a National Hula-Hoop Festival! Let me know what you think in the comments or on twitter @itzbizr!


P!nky said...

oh let's go fly a kite!

and take pictures

Bitzy said...

up through the atmosphere,
up where the air is clear.
Let's go fly a kite todaaaaaay!