Monday, May 13, 2013

Musical Monday: Balmorhea-Day!

Have you ever rediscovered a gem of a song years later, only to realize you never tried to hear anything else from the band/artist, and then you discover their sounds on Spotify, YouTube or Pandora and then wonder how you can possibly get that time back that you hadn't yet heard the songs and insert their music into your life as much as possible?

Today celebrates a band like that. Last week I rediscovered Remembrance by Balmorhea ("Bahl-more-aye"), and even more than usual I was struck by the use of banjo, perhaps because of its integration into the sparse orchestration paired with the emotional vocals, which created this feeling of desolation and desperation. I explored some of their other music to see if it could evoke emotions to a similar level.

Well, unsurprisingly enough, it did. Each song seems to highlight a different instrument and a different accompanying emotion. Like most post-modern rock, it's the perfect soundtrack to make any activity more epic, even if it's writing memos, taking out the trash, or driving.

So just hit play, sit back, close your eyes, and allow the music to transport you through a kaleidoscopic of memories and emotions...

Balmorhea: Remembrance
From the 2009 album All is Wild, All is Silent, see above for my reaction to the song

Balmorhea: Settler

It what is now the epic accompanying soundtrack to the replay of all small adventures as I remember and recount them in my head. Plus the encore/clapping at the end is just perfect. Also from All is Wild, All is Silent.

Balmorhea: Baleen Morning
A lovely piano and violin heave melodic piece from their 2007 debut self-titled album and 2008's River Arms

Balmorhea: Bowspirit
From the 2010 Album Constellations, this song slowly builds from the interplay between plucked strings as percussion against the smooth sailing violin, and when you add the banjo and some stomping, magic happens.

Balmorhea: Dived
From 2012's Stranger, a playful piano/cello/vocal back and forth makes this song a fun, upbeat listen. Another great soundtrack-to-my-life song, I'm surprised I haven't heard it in any commercials yet.

Balmorhea: Fake Fealty
Another song from their latest album, 2012's Stranger, this song evolves into so many different things as it progresses while still keeping a central theme, an impressive feat that leaves me wanting to hear more from this talented group of musicians

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